Fabrication Services

Crafting the best market can offer, we handle space management and usage at optimal. Our planning is based on organic results which allow us to fabricate services from ground up to make sure that the product USP remains in focus. Whether it is a class apart construct or an A-1 set-up, our expert team is ready to do it all and that too within the timeframe and allocated budget. We fabricate

Stage & Branding

In the last few decades, events have gained popularity among sharp-witted business owners as they are well aware of the fact that events are the right place to display their services and products. Crazy Nib provides seamless execution with innovative stage designs, elegant lights, and stunning colours to create a branding ambience for concerts, conferences, private and corporate functions, etc. with our highly qualified and experienced team of experts who works with dedication to deliver results within the timeline that fits the right budget always to give amazing experiences to meet the benchmark.

Exhibition Stand

There are numerous elements that need to be considered by the exhibitors and the designers while creating exhibition stands for a brand, such as the concept design, lighting ergonomics, product displays, etc., to enhance the consumer experience. At Crazy Nib, we have years of experience in successfully designing unique exhibition stands to meet the marketing objective of a brand using cutting-edge technology, with the help of our brand strategists, skilled designers, and well-trained execution team.

Mall/RWA Set-Up

Mall/RWA set-up is an effective tool to bring footfalls to the setup that lead to brand awareness or sales. With the advent of technology, there is a sea change in brand activation and promotional activities to tap into consumer expectations at the right time, at the right place, and with the right approach. At CrazyNib, our modern and innovative design concepts rendered with futuristic technology are capable of creating the engaging interaction the industry is looking for.

Retail Set-Up

The retail set-up is a solution for all the brands that often face challenges while setting up an interface that attracts the eyeballs. Crazy Nib provides a variety of retail promotional methods to attract visitors and create an engagement of the next level. Our professional and talented design team creates interactive and stunning activation setups that lead to communicative retail displays and effective points of sale.

Customized Set-Up

Customizing the exhibition stand is the key to achieving quality engagement between the brand and consumer. Customization necessitates a thorough understanding of brand behaviour and the distinctiveness it represents. With its expertise in strategy planning and creative excellence, Crazy Nib ensures perfection and top-notch quality in execution down to the smallest details to help brands stand out from the competition.

We crafted our services to meet your needs and the needs of the market