Event is all about engaging and inspiring the audiences with a story of opportunity and stages of progress. We make the most of these stages by constructively illustrating the key messages that will empower the target groups. Be it the smallest of the details or biggest of the execution our storytelling ability is acknowledged across the industry to trigger a purposeful engagement. We offer an immersive experience of handling the entirety of the event for the clients. Backed with a meticulous plan, our approach from handling brief to execution paves the way for a brand’s success and outreach. Handling the helm of every event is a forte we live by. Post covid, when the industry has experienced a sea change in consumer engagement behaviour, we have devised process digitization and new technology adoption for our clients to meet and interact with their audiences keeping in place all the physical checks and balances.


To create a professional relationship that has a long-lasting impact, there is no replacement of a face-to-face interaction. Herein, Crazy Nib is devising ways to offer exclusivity in all possible ways. Our proven expertise with national and international events ensures impactful execution and effective engagement to create lasting memory. Seamless integration and superior interactivity is in our DNA and we offer a gamut of solutions for every challenges


New technology, digitization and evolution of processes have given rise to virtual events on a large mass scale. Hosting a virtual event requires more meticulous planning if not less than any physical event. Crazy Nib efficiently adept at virtual set-ups, be it webinars, virtual conferences, or virtual exhibitions, as well as trade shows. Our expertise in handling and combining cutting-edge technology to deliver world-class events online, which makes us stand out from the crowd.


Hybrid is the new norm of event to meet the demands of the changing engagement pattern of the businesses. It has its unique advantages. In order to execute seamless events, our team creates an equally rewarding experience for both the types of attendees (physical and remote), ensuring a result-driven engagement. A narrowed down approach helps merge on-ground and remote activities on a unified framework to ensure a seamless connect.

We crafted our services to meet your needs and the needs of the market