Customer experience is at the heart of the brand loyalty. And an exceptional experience is the result of an effective engagement. We undertake consumer activation challenges to build experiences, right down to the level where they can touch and feel the offerings, a 360- marketing solution with an added lens of expertise to bring brands into the life of consumer. Today’s scenario demands interactivity of audiences and their participation to the fullest. That is where right from deciding the basic criteria’s to understanding the right marketing mix, we offer solutions that encompass all routes leading to

Market/mall Activation

Leveraging point-of-sales is at the core of Market/Mall Activation. Our objective evolves around gauging consumers psyche and engaging them with a clear, resonant, and relevant purpose with a sense of meaning that guides every decision they take. Interactivity, innovation, and novel combinations are our key differentiators in this. converting a prospect into enquiry and then finally converting him/her into a customer is the entire bit of the story that we effectively do for the brands.

Retail Activation

Meeting up with the expectations of the consumer is a constant challenge in this ever-evolving retail space. From choosing the right arena, to maintaining the right brand visibility to deploying the right experiences for the consumer, we do it all. Devising ways to engage, create and stimulate surroundings that nurture the brand objective, always remains at the centre of our activity.

Technology Based Activation

The time, space and the ways people work are changing rapidly, shifting cultures are not only bringing new challenges but opportunities to improve customer experience, drives us find out how technology could work to create experience across evolving behaviour of the consumer. We bring cutting edge technology, augmented and virtual reality setups, to create lasting human experiences.

Rural Activation

Rural Activation – Over the past decade, rural areas have shown great market potential. In the recent past, many organizations have forayed into rural areas as a critical choice to connect with the rural audience based on tier 2 and tier 3 cities to grow in magnitude with strategic tweaks. Keeping relevant alignment with the rural culture in terms of venue, guests, location, logistics and delivering edutainment and so forth, we champion brands who want to go global, yet stay local.

On Wheels Activation

Reaching audiences in a fast-paced world is difficult when you are aiming to close the gap between the brand and its audience to achieve better penetration in the minds of the audiences. With on-wheels activation, we make sure to close the gap with innovative ideation and a greater appeal. We stand apart from the competition by implementing technology solutions not only to educate audiences but also to bring them a collective and detailed product experience.

We crafted our services to meet your needs and the needs of the market