In today’s dynamic world, marketing plays a pivotal role for brands in establishing their presence. Be it end-to-end experiential marketing, event management services, exhibitions services, digital marketing, modern-day technology integration, creative services, film production or any other marketing requirement, we at Crazy Nib Communications, are always ready to cater all your needs. Our inception was built on a core thought process of “Delivering Memorable Experiences” and as a unit we thrive to live by it, in every assignment.
Our passion towards working on unique ideas takes us on craziest paths to ensure the inner beast called ‘Creativity’ is well fed. If you are a brand that is looking for something different, something unique, something innovative, then we are the ones who are always cooking our thoughts to deliver best-in-class solutions.
We align and assort matters that are of utmost importance to the brands we work for. Our strength lies in integrating ideas and providing brands with solutions that encompass a matter in its entirety. We are creatively technical to the core and we firmly believe that passion, creativity and technology can be merged to create powerful brand messaging! Something whacky! That is why we heavily invest on ideas that are technologically ahead of its league. That too on time, every-time!
If you are a brand that is hungry for creativity, excellence and perfection, then we are the master chefs who have all the ingredients to fulfil your appetite!

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Facts that represents Crazy Nib

Continents covered

Our footprints in every continent show our reputation and the reach we achieved in the market.


Countries covered

Each and every country comes with their unique challenges and meeting those challenges helped us experience the diverse perspective of different levels of client engagement.


We believe that clients lie at the core of our business. Their happiness brings us the confidence we need



We make events special by elevating the client-engagement through creative storytelling and helping the audience experience the possibilities of products or services.

We crafted our services to meet your needs and the needs of the market